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If you have not already done so, please watch the video below. At PelHeat we have been involved in making pellets since 2006, and we understand the skills required to be able to produce quality wood pellets and biomass pellets using the pellet mill.

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More People Want To Know How To Make Wood Pellets For Fuel

The cost of fuel and heating is becoming more of an issue for more people. Most economies are still struggling to get out of the recession and oil and gas prices are continuing to rise. For instance the UK recently had a 20% increase in the cost of gas, to the average consumer this means an additional 180 increased in their bill. There are new incentives to encourage alternatives such as wood pellets, in the UK there is the Renewable Heat Incentive. Some people have wood and biomass resources available to them for the manufacturer of wood pellets with the pellet mill.

The FREE Beginners Guide To Making Pellets (Please See Below)

We want to help people understand how to make wood pellets and other biomass pellets as it also supports our work in providing small pellet mills and small and large pellet plants. We understand some people are just looking for a basic introduction, therefore we have produced a free beginners guide on how the pellet mill works.

How The Pellet Mill Works, Also Known As The Pellet Machine Or Press

The pellet mill is a compression device, heat and pressure are used to compress and bind the raw material into a pellet shape. However each material is different and pellet density is very important for combustion efficiency. Not all pellet mills can compress all materials. Our guide can show you which pellet mills are up to the task to make high density wood pellets and other fuel pellets suitable for pellet stoves.

What Experience Do PelHeat Have In Making Wood Pellets For Fuel?

We have produced fuel pellets from a wide range of wood and biomass materials in the pellet mill, you can see one of our first videos on burning fuel pellets below.

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So How Are Quality Wood Pellets and Biomass Pellets Made?

As stated pellet density is crucial to the value of the pellets produced, however many pellet mills, particularly most small pellet mills struggle to produce a high density fuel pellet. Without sufficient density the pellets break apart during storage and movement. This creates fines (pellet dust) and this dust can block up the pellet stove or boiler and also increase the amount of ash produced from the fuel pellets.

 "Making pellets is easy!"

This is a statement you will come across many times on the websites of small pellet mill retailers and the manufactures from China. This statement is obviously designed to sell as much equipment as possible, however it simplifies the process of making pellets which can be very difficult if you have the wrong pellet mill. We will never describe making pellets as easy, however with the right pellet mill and the right support it can be fairly straight forward, and we provide extensive pellet mill help.

Making Pellets Is About Quality, Productivity and Energy Used

To make pellets obviously requires energy, however the increased efficiency of how the pellets burn justifies the energy input. However you still want to reduce that energy input as much as possible to save money and for other factors. All small Chinese pellet mills are based on the flat die. At PelHeat we only support the use of the ring die pellet mill. Even our Mini Pellet Mill is based on the ring die design. Through the guide you will be given the information to understand the differences between these two different types of pellet mill. Put simply the ring die pellet mill uses less energy to make better quality wood pellets for fuel with a higher density.

The Beginners Guide To Making Pellets From Wood / Biomass

This maybe the first research you have done on making pellets, if that is the case there is much we can teach you about the process and the equipment. Even the beginners guide will provide you a huge amount of information on the potential issues to avoid when making pellets and purchasing equipment. For instance before material can be used in the pellet mill it must first be reduced in size. There is very little information on this part of the process on the internet, and even most of the pellet mill manufacturers particularly from China do not provide much detail. However the particle size of the raw material that is used in the pellet mill can influence pellet quality and pellet mill productivity dramatically in most cases.

The Complete Guide To Making Pellets

If you want you want to learn about the complete process our guide can help you. The guide goes through the whole process from preparing the raw material to pellet compression and storage. The complete guide goes into a lot more detail about the operation of the pellet mill. For instance the pellet mill is only as good as the quality of its die. A die needs to have the right hole taper and length to create sufficient compression for the lignin within the material to reach sufficient temperature and bind the material together. However many pellet mill manufactures try to sell one die for all materials. The guide will help you to understand the process so when it comes to purchasing a pellet mill you will have a better understanding of what is required to produce a quality pellet. Whether you are interested in a PelHeat pellet mill or not.

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We have produced not one free guide for you on making pellets, but FIVE! There is the Beginners Guide To Making Pellets as the first introduction into making pellets. We will then also send you these other guides for FREE!

The Importance Of Particle Size

The Benefits Of Precise Moisture Control

The Effect Of Die Thickness

Pellet Binders And Lubricants

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