Automated Small Scale Pellet Plants

At PelHeat we have been producing pellets since 2006 and one of the most important lessons we have learnt is that consistency is the key to quality pellet production results. Click below to see our pellet mill and pellet plant videos.

Consistency is a very important subject in making pellets. That is the consistent quality of the raw material in terms of particle size and moisture content. It also mean the speed at which the pellet mill is fed needs to be constant. To achieve this consistency by hand is very time consuming and therefore expensive, as over time it is labour costs which effect profitability more than any other costs. Therefore the small scale pellet plants we offer on are highly automated which means the plants only require one operator. However most of the time this operator is not even required and can be doing other duties. The entire pellet plant is controlled through one central control panel which monitors the feed bin, hammer mill, conveyors, pellet mill and the cooling and packaging equipment. If at any point there is an issue with the pellet plant a claxon will sound to alert the operator. However more than this there is a diagram of the plant which will show the operator where the issue is. Once this has been addressed the pellet plant can then be re-set to start production again. Typically this is normally to fill the main feed bin with more raw material. Other small pellet plants are not as sophisticated, equipment is not controlled through a central control panel and this can create serious issues. Say there was an issue with the pellet mill, but the hammer mill was not aware of the issue and did not stop, this could cause damage to the pellet plant. Our systems are designed to avoid such issues. To watch a collection of our YouTube videos on the Mini Pellet Mill and small pellet plants click below.


Pellet Mill Videos Click Here

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