Biomass Advantages Once Processed In A Pellet Machine

It is clear, that our energy future is moving away from a dependence on fossil fuel energy such as oil and gas, and more towards more alternative and renewable sources of energy such as biomass and fuel pellets.

Well known forms of alternative and renewable energy sources include wind and solar. Both of these resources capture energy, however cannot provide energy on demand as they are dependant on whether conditions. Here is where the advantages of biomass become clear. Biomass is any form of organic material which can be used as a fuel source. In essence biomass is captured and stored solar energy.

Biomass Cogeneration and CHP Units

To capture as much energy from burning biomass as possible, it makes sense where possible to achieve cogeneration through biomass CHP units. CHP or combined heat and power units generate both heat and electrical power for the property. This process can be achieve through either advanced closed loop steam engines or through gasification. There have been important improvements in modern steam engine designs which recycle more of the energy to increase efficiencies. Also the units recycle the water and require very little maintenance. The closed loop steam engine will capture residual energy from the biomass combustion process, and turn a generator to create electricity. The other possible biomass CHP unit is a gasification system. Here the biomass in processed into syngas, this gas can then be used in an internal combustion engine to power a generator.

Biomass Renewable Energy and Benefits

Other advantages of biomass over fossil fuel energy is that biomass is a renewable energy source. This means we can replace the biomass we use quickly. This makes biomass energy sustainable. The facts are that we currently generate huge volumes of biomass and regard it as waste to be sent to landfill. Utilizing the current biomass we generate for energy would meet a substantial percentage of our energy needs. It would also lower the cost of other goods, as it would reduce costs and increase profits margins turning a waste into a valuable asset. This in tern would benefit the economy, generating more local jobs with pellets.

Biomass Pellet Production and Pellet Mill

The best way to use biomass is to compress biomass into pellets. This has several advantages, and is achieve through using a pellet mill. In the pellet mill the biomass is compressed at high temperatures. A low moisture content and improved density are just a few of the benefits of pellets over unprocessed biomass. We manufacture pellet machines here in the UK, we design these products to be highly automated.

Biomass Pellet Mill Guide

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