Is Biomass Fuel Made From Hemp The Future Of Pellets?

When it comes to biomass, the emphasis is still on wood, and waste products generated from wood. Obviously wood is an important fuel resources, however biomass summaries a much wider potential for potential fuel crops.

For instance, agricultural waste represents one of the largest potential sectors for biomass fuel. Waste such as the straw from growing wheat and barley, and the cobs and stalks from growing corn. Currently much of this material is unwanted, and in some countries it is burnt in the field which is a massive waste of energy. There are also various energy crops which can be grown for fuel and harvested. All of these biomass materials have different densities, moisture contents etc. Therefore to produce a true fuel from these materials, they can be dried and compressed into fuel pellets. To see fuel pellets been used, please see below. At PelHeat, we educate people on the pellet production process, and burning pellets. We also encourage the use of various biomass materials, and one crop that holds the most potential is hemp. Hemp can be grown from seed, unlike biomass energy crops such as miscanthus which are grown from rhizomes. This means once miscanthus is there, its very expensive to move and grow anything else. Hemp also has only a 3 month growing cycle, and can be used form many uses, not just fuel. But as a fuel it has better qualities than most biomass energy crops. The reason is hemp produces very little ash, is not very corrosive and also the ash does not melt at low temperatures creating issues such as clinker formations, these are all ideal for fuel pellets. To help you understand how the process of making pellets works on the next page you can watch a series of videos on our small pellet machines and press, please click below.

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