Using Wood Pellets for Cooking Is The New Trend

Cooking pellets and wood pellet grills are growing in popularity due to their flexibility, wide range of features, precise temperature control and most importantly superior tasting food. Cooking pellets are produced from various hardwood residues, in various flavour combinations. The wide selection of available cooking pellet flavours mean specific types of cooking pellets work best with certain foods over others. For example you may use one type of cooking pellet to prepare chicken, and then use another variety to smoke fish or even bake cookies. There are many options to choose.

Cooking Wood Pellet Manufacturers

Manufactures who produce cooking pellets have to meet stricter quality standards for pellet production conditions, as it is a food quality standard product. However cooking pellets are sold at a premium rate, even compared to hardwood heating pellets. Therefore there are advantages to producing cooking pellets.

The Wide Range Of Hardwood Pellets

Various types of hardwood pellets are produced for cooking pellets, here is an example of the varieties:

Cherry, Pecan, Apple, Hickory etc

Even grape vines can be used to produce a cooking pellet, and one of the most expensive cooking pellets are vine pellets. Also the pellets can be infused with other flavours, for example onion and garlic. Cooking pellets is currently quite a small market, however in the future they will become much more popular as it is a clean 'green' way to cook food, and achieves a much better flavour than cooking on gas or charcoal.

The Operation Of A Wood Pellet Grill

You can use cooking pellets in a traditional BBQ by simply replacing your charcoal with cooking pellets. However to make the process more controlled and achieve a better flavour there is a growing selection of wood pellet grills available. Traeger, Louisiana Grills and Green Mountain Grills are just a few of the examples. Wood pellet grills are complete with a pellet hopper, auger feed system, burn pot and hot rod lighter. In fact they contain very similar components to pellet stoves and boilers. Wood pellet grills are thermostatically controlled. By setting the temperature on the thermostat to the desired level, the auger will feed pellets into the burn pot to keep the temperature to the desired level. We manufacturer a small wood pellet maker called the Mini Pellet Mill. If you wanted to start a cooking pellet business this press the ideal place to start. It has many features which are not seen on other machines. This included a material hopper with variable speed auger feed. The press also has liquid drip feed where various alcohols could be added.

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