How Does Paper Perform In The Pellet Mill?

One of the major opportunities pellet mills and pellet plants can bring is to process wastes such as paper into a usable and valuable product again. However sometimes its just about reducing transportation costs in pelleted form.

For instance now paper waste is a globally transported product, however loose paper is very expensive to transport. The paper is therefore processed in the ring die pellet mill to increase its bulk density, so much more waste can be loaded in containers ready for the cargo ship. However there can also be a local market for paper pellets as a fuel source. The important thing to remember about paper pellets is that they will not burn like wood pellets. Paper pellets will produce more ash, and the pellet burner has to be designed to deal with this ash. This means that currently only a few residential customers exist, the majority of the market will be larger scale users who may have previously burnt coal, another high ash fuel. In terms of how paper performs in the pellet mill, the answer is quite well. Even small pellet mills can produce paper pellets, the issues can be in preparing the material. Generally the paper will be dry enough, so no additional drying will be required. However before the paper is ready for the pellet mill it will need to be reduced in size. This would normally mean a hammer mill, however putting paper through a hammer mill gives the material a fluffy consistency. This is partly due to the static charge the material is given as it passes through the hammer mill. Therefore it is better to use a shredder where possible, as the fluffy paper does not flow well through transportation augers. We can offer a range of solutions from individual pellet mills to complete pellet plants. To learn more about the process and how pellets are made, please click below to watch our videos.


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