How The Mini Pellet Mill Can Save You Time

To produce pellets on a small scale can be difficult and time consuming. Producing good quality pellets is about good material preparation a good pellet mill and good pellet mill operation.

The current range of small flat die pellet mills do not provide any assistance to prepare the raw material, for instance adding small amounts of water or vegetable oil to increase or reduce the compression within the die. Therefore with many small pellet mills its a case of guess work, trying a raw material in the pellet mill to see what happens and hoping for the best. If the results are not what you wanted, then you have to start all over again and prepare a new batch of material. This is incredibly time consuming and frustrating. At PelHeat we now offer a new mini pellet mill based on the ring die pellet mill design which is used in large scale pellet production. The mini pellet mill has a raw material hopper with auger feed, water and oil tanks with drip feeds and a conditioning chamber to mix the material before it is fed between the rollers and die. With this setup small adjustments can be made to the raw material to improve pellet formation and density. Only pellets with a sufficient density can burn efficiently.

What the mini pellet mill also does is save you the time and frustration of trying to prepare the material from scratch your self. Importantly the mini pellet mill can also feed its self at a slow constant rate which reduces electrical consumption and also reduces the risk of blocking the die due to too much material. The mini pellet mill can be used for fuel pellets and feed pellets. The Mini Pellet Mill is offered as a single phase or three phase machine. The three phase machine has more power and therefore has a slightly higher productivity per hour. The single phase press has less power available, however it can be used in any location.


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