Making Leaf Fuel Pellets In The Pellet Mill

In the autumn when the trees shred their leaves. These leaves can be collected and used for compost, but do they have any other uses?

Well yes leaves can be processed in the pellet mill to produce fuel pellets. First the best idea is to collect the leaves when they are dry. If the leafs are wet they will require drying before they can be processed into fuel pellets. As the leaves are very thin they can be directly processed via the hammer mill into small particles ready for a small pellet mill or a large ring die die pellet mill. The video below represents the type of small automated pellet plants available. Unlike some other biomass pellets leaf pellets produce a fairly small amount of ash. This means the pellets could be potentially used in stoves and boilers which are only designed to burn premium wood pellets. In terms of setting up a business processing leaves into pellets, you are obviously going to be busy with your pellet mill at only one part of the year. To have access to a sufficient supply of leaves you are going to have to communicate with the local authorities. Therefore it makes sense to discuss with them collecting their wood waste from tree management as this could support the business with raw material through the rest of the year. Wood from tree management will produce standard grade wood pellets. This is due to fact small diameter timber with bark will be processed. Some customers will not be able to use these pellets, however you could have a large market appealing to log stove customers while offering pellet baskets. To learn more about pellet mills and making wood pellets please click the link below to download your five free guides on pellets. You can also watch our selection of videos. The first videos show our mini pellet mill in action making oak wood pellets. We also provide highly automated pellet plant solutions.


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