Are There Pellet Mill Plans That Actually Work?

More people appear to be interested in producing their own wood pellets for fuel. Therefore more and more people are looking for a small pellet mill to meet their needs or pellet mill plans.

However what many generally discover is that their budget can only purchase them a cheap Chinese pellet mill. Due to lack of experience on the process of making pellets many go ahead with the purchase of a small flat die pellet mill under the impression that the pellet mill will meet their requirements and expectations. After operating their new pellet mill purchase for just a few hours, many come to the realisation that these products cannot produce a high density wood pellet suitable for pellet stoves and boilers. They therefore try and look for pellet mill plans on the internet. Now there are some pellet mill plans out there, but many of these plans do not provide enough detail on the most important aspect of the process, the die. The pellet mill die is where compression takes place, and it will either lead to the success of the project or complete failure. For instance with the Mini Pellet Mill we produce custom dies in house depending on the material our customers wish to process. There are several very important steps that go into making a quality die, and pellet mill plans do not cover any of them properly. Here at PelHeat we provide information on the process of making pellets, however we do not provide pellet mill plans. It would be misleading to make people believe that all the questions on how to make a quality pellet mill could be included in such a guide. Also to make a quality pellet mill requires professional equipment such as a CNC drill that the average DIY hobbyist does not have access to. To learn more about the pellet production process, please click the link below to see a selection of videos.

Pellet Mill Videos Click Here

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