Looking For A Pellet Mill For Sale? Get The Facts First!

A pellet mill is the core piece of equipment in the pellet production line or pellet plant. There are several different designs of pellet mill, including the flat die pellet mill and the ring die pellet mill. At PelHeat we only promote the use of quality ring die pellet mills.

Flat die pellet mills are in most cases used for small scale to medium scale pellet production set ups. Flat die pellet mills are smaller and are easier to make than ring die pellet mills. Until the Mini Pellet Mill that is. A pellet mill works on the principle of pressure and heat. The core components of the pellet mill are the pressing rollers and the die. The die is where pellet formation takes place. As the rollers force the material through the holes in the die the pellet takes shape. Until the finished pellet is forced out the other side of the die. The die and its condition are one of the most important features of the pellet mill. The die must create enough resistance for a strong durable pellet to be produced, but not too much resistance that the die becomes blocked. Various metals are used to produce the pellet mill die. These include carbon steel, stainless steel and high chromium dies. Each with different benefits.

Wood Pellet Mill and Biomass Pellets

A wood pellet mill has to be more durable than a simple feed pellet mill. Wood pellet production puts more strain on the machinery due to the increased density of the woody biomass compared to soft feed materials. To form a pellet the material also needs to be melted slightly. More heat is required to melt wood than other biomass materials. Therefore with a wood pellet mill for larger machines a conditioner and steam is used. For smaller pellet mills the speed of the mill is reduced to increase resonance time in the hot die to aid melting. Or a pellet binder must be used instead.

Wood Pellet Stoves and Pellet Boilers

There are many advantages to heating your property with pellet fuels, in either a pellet stove or pellet boiler. Pellet burning systems strike a balance between basic solid fuel burning of the past in simple log stoves, and the lower maintenance of heating with an oil or gas based system. Wood is a environmentally friendly fuel, if burnt efficiently with little or no smoke. A pellet furnace can achieve high combustion efficiencies, while keeping manual maintenance to an absolute minimum. Pellet stoves and boilers contain an integrated feed hopper, which can hold several days to even a weeks worth of fuel. Large pellet silos can also be purchased, which can hold a years worth of fuel and if desired automatically feed the small hopper on the pellet stove or boiler as required. They can self ignite and regulate temperature to the desired level. Please click the link below to see a selection of our videos including the mini pellet mill which is for sale.

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