Making Straw Pellets For Fuel In Stoves and Boilers

Straw pellets are currently a largely un-known pellet fuel, however have great potential. An example of straw residues that could be upgraded into fuel pellets includes, wheat, barley and corn straw and stalks to name but a few.

At PelHeat we have successfully produced fuel pellets from all of these materials. Other similar agricultural wastes which could be processed into pellets include corn cobs and stalks, among many others. All of these resources are currently seen as a waste by-product from the food industry, or in the case of oil seed rape straw the fuel industry. Therefore there is an abundance of these raw materials, that can be utilized locally for fuel and also create lots of local jobs.

Wood Pellets Cost Significantly More

The cost of straw pellets compared to wood pellets would be substantially lower also. As the raw material is far more abundant, and available at a much lower cost. Also straw pellet production requires a lower energy input, with a higher productivity rate. Therefore the cost of production is much lower. Finally if the pellets are produced and used within the local area, pellet transportation costs are substantially reduced. Not only does this benefit the consumer, it also benefits the environment as there is a lower carbon foot print from straw. 

Which Pellet Mills Are Suitable For Straw

Straw is a low density material, and once it has been processed ready for the pellet mill, it is in a very light powered form. Generally flat die pellet mills are used due to their reduced cost. However flat die pellet mills generally lack the control of a material feed hopper or a conditioner. In the conditioner water, oil or steam can be introduced to accurately control compression.

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