Torrefaction Will Change The Wood Pellets Fuel Market

When it comes to the biomass fuels market, many people are still getting themselves familiar with wood pellets, never mind torrefied pellets.

Well in the next few years there should be a growth in the next generation of wood pellet fuels. The process of torrefaction and torrefied wood pellets should become more common. If you have never heard about torrefaction before a very good video has been uploaded to YouTube.


So as described briefly in the video, torrefaction is the process of baking wood. But what does this process actually achieve, and why are these black pellets better than normal wood pellets? Well through torrefaction the wood or any other biomass fibre is heated up to between 250-300 degrees Celsius. This drives off much of what is not wanted in the material as a potential fuel. It produces a much more focused form of carbon energy with some very notable benefits. First, compared to a normal wood pellet you now have double the energy density. So in real terms this means you have to store and transport half the fuel to generate the same amount of heat. Also these torrefied wood pellets do not want to absorb water like normal pellets. This means they can even be left in the rain and then picked up and used in a pellet stove or boiler and it will not impact on their combustion performance. Please click below to see a selection of videos.


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