Where To Buy Wood Pellets?

As with any product or service learning where to buy to get the best deal and service can make all the difference. Obviously wood pellets are no different there are several possible options, but not all options will be suitable for all consumers. There are few key points to consider on where to buy wood pellets, these include pellet quality, price, delivery time, delivery costs and reliability of supply. All of these factors need to be considered when choosing where to buy wood pellets. Firstly, wood pellet quality must be assessed to see whether it is worth even considering the fuel pellets.

Wood Pellets For Pellet Stove and Boiler

Pellet quality can mean different things to different people. For example at PelHeat we regard pellet quality to do with pellet mechanical durability and moisture content, not on ash content. As we promote the use of a wide variety of biomass fuel pellets, ash contents vary. However, one of the key issues currently in the wood pellets market is the limitations of pellet stoves and boilers. Most can only burn a pellet with an ash content up to 1%, anything past this and various issues such as a blocked burn pot can occur. Therefore, the type and grade of wood pellet fuel which can be used by most consumers is very limited. This means it is always advisable for consumers to order a test sample of the pellets before making a large order to check that the pellets can work well in your pellet stove or boiler. There are pellet standards in place, however never presume that the pellets do meet the standards set. For example, the pellets fuel market is now seeing a large influx of pellets produced abroad. Not only does the lower the credibility of pellets as a green fuel due the increased transportation, it also does not benefit the local economy and the quality of the fuel pellets can be unacceptable in some cases.

Wood Pellets Suppliers and Fuel Dealers

As stated there is now a large number of wood pellets imports, mostly sold on the internet. There are various negatives to using these wood pellets and using a more local wood pellets supply is more sustainable. Finding a good wood pellets supplier is crucial to having a good stable and reliable source of wood pellets. Also, don't presume that wood pellets produced locally will be more expensive. If you can find a wood pellets supplier close to you, who holds a supply of wood pellets produced locally, this can usually provide you with a good deal. Due to reduced transportation of the pellets to the dealer and the dealer onto you even though the cost of the pellets maybe higher the total cost with transportation could be less. With a more local supply of wood pellets you have the minimum carbon footprint, support more local jobs and have a more stable supply of wood pellets. Please see below for our wood pellet machine video.

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