Why Wholesale Wood Pellets Have Advantages

Purchasing wood pellets wholesale has multiple advantages, however certain provisions and considerations have to be made. Wholesale wood pellets can refer to bulk orders purchased by wood pellet retailers, or a large bulk order purchased by an end user. Wholesale wood pellets can either be in the form of pellet bags, or as a loose delivery via tanker.

Various Wood Pellet Storage Solutions

If a loose wood pellet delivery is your chosen option, you must have a suitable wood pellet storage solution. There is a wide range of wood pellet storage silo's available from standard units to custom designed units. Wood pellet storage solutions range from fully automated units, where a tanker can place the delivery into the silo and the pellet burner, either a pellet stove or boiler can feed directly from the silo. There are less automated solutions where a two stage operation is used, where the silo feeds a separate smaller hopper on the pellet burner, with the operation controlled by the user. The simplest and cheapest form of wood pellet storage is a simple raised silo with a trap door opening at the bottom. A bulk delivery either via tanker or by bulk bag delivery can be placed in the top of the silo. A simple gate door at the base, similar to a coal bunker allows the pellets to flow into a bucket or bag. This type of simple, low cost pellet storage solution is becoming more popular in Europe and the US. The key reasons for this is consumers receive a substantially lower cost per tonne and do not have to deal with staking, opening and disposing of pellet bags.

Does The Wood Pellets Cost Change?

The cost of purchasing wood pellets via wholesale bulk delivery can make the customer substantial savings. Savings can not only be made on the price per tonne of the pellets themselves, there are also savings to be made on the delivery costs. However as with any product, the price of wood pellets does change. It mostly depends on the current price of oil. Wood pellets will always be the cheaper option, however the price of wholesale wood pellets does tend to track the price of oil up and down, so monitor changes in price.

Wholesale Premium Pellets And Price

Premium pellets are the most popular grade of wholesale wood pellets. Premium pellets are the highest grade of wood pellet fuel. Premium pellets produce the lowest ash content of below 1%, and therefore require the least maintenance. This means they also demand the highest prices point and set the price points for all the lower grades of pellet fuel such as standard grade wood pellets and other biomass fuel pellets. Please click the link below to see our videos of our pellet mill and plants making various wood pellets.

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