What Solutions Are There For Wood Pellet Storage?

Wood pellet storage effects the quality of the pellets, and thus how efficiently they burn in the pellet stove or boiler. Pellets are highly absorbent, hence why they are ideal for animal bedding. However to burn as efficiently as possible wood pellets must be kept away from moisture in a low humidity environment.

Wood Pellet Bags For Domestic Needs

Currently the most common way to distribute wood pellets is in bags. The bags are produced from plastic, with the top heat sealed. However the bags are not weather proof and must still be kept in doors. Many people however cannot load pellet bags into the stove or boiler easily. Therefore wood pellet silo solutions are more appropriate, and they also have other benefits.

Wood Pellet Silo For Wood Pellet Boilers

A wood pellet silo is a large store of wood pellets located next to or near to the pellet stove or boiler. The silo can be made from cloth, or from solid materials. There are basic silos available that have a simple opening at the base of the storage silo, when the pellets can run into a bucket. There are more advanced wood pellet silos which are highly automated. In many cases the silos have a auger feed system to load pellets into the hopper on the pellet stove or boiler. The more advanced silos are substantially more expensive. However these pellet silos can make the whole process of using pellets highly automated, getting closer to the convenience of oil and gas boilers.

The Changes In Wood Pellets Cost

The choice of wood pellet storage can have a substantial impact on the wood pellets cost. For example wood pellets in bags are more expensive than bulk deliveries in either large bags or blown loose into a silo. The obvious reason for this is there is no cost associated with bagging the pellets. However there is the initial cost of installing a silo. In the long term though the constant savings on fuel costs will payback the investment on the silo. So should be considered.

The Various Wood Pellet Manufacturers

Wood pellet manufactures are seeing more people opt for the pellet silo's, and are thus changing their delivery methods more to pellet tankers, instead of pallet deliveries. For manufactures moving onto a more loose pellet delivery approach has benefits and advantages. The benefit is the reduced investment in pellet bagging machines and the associated costs. However they have an additional cost in the pellet tankers required. There will be a a further market evolution, with pellet deliveries handled by separate companies. Making the process more efficient for the pellet manufactures, and also cheaper for the end users. Please click below.

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