How Are Wood Pellets

Used For Cooking?

When most people think of wood pellets they think of stoves and boilers providing heat to homes and businesses, not cooking pellets.

While heating is one of the main uses for wood pellets, there are many other uses, including using the pellets for cooking. In developing countries and low income families most of their cooking is done with wood. The women of the family go out each day to collect what ever firewood they can find and then carry the wood many miles back home. This is adding to deforestation, so alternatives need to be provided to help low income families get the fuel they need. In India for example, there are now many projects converting wood waste and agricultural residues into fuel pellets to be used in specially designed gasification stoves. Women operate small businesses selling the stoves and the fuel. This not only provides the low income families with cheap fuel, it also improves their health. Previously their cooking stoves produced a lot of smoke and many people die each year from breathing difficulties due to these stoves. The wood pellet cooking stoves provide no visible smoke and reduces air pollution. At PelHeat we educate on the production of wood pellets on a small and large scale. For instance if you click the link at the bottom of the page you can see a video of the Mini Pellet Mill designed to operate from a domestic power supply. We also promote large scale pellet plants. Making pellets is a true skill and we can show you what you need to know to be able to make quality pellets and purchase a quality wood pellet mill. In most cases we recommend the use of a highly automated small pellet plant close to the raw material supply and the end user. We also design these pellet plants so they can be expanded in the future to meet growing demand. However starting small reduces investor risk.

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