What Is The Range Of Wood Pellets For Sale Today?

When looking for wood pellets for sale, it is important to consider several factors before completing your purchase. The price, quality and source of the wood pellets are all important aspects to consider.

What About Wood Pellet Prices Today?

Wood pellet prices are far more stable than fossil fuels such as oil and gas, however the price of wood pellets does still fluctuate. The best time of year to purchase your pellets is spring-summer, ready for the next heating season. Purchasing your wood pellets at this time of year should guarantee the best price and supplies will be at their highest. It is worth shopping around to try to get the best price, and for possible discount and sale options. Do however bear in mind that the further away your supplier the higher your transportation costs, and higher risk of supply issues.

At The Top Are The Premium Pellets

The highest grade and quality of wood pellets that are available for sale are premium pellets. Premium pellets are predominately made from pine and spruce residues from the timber processing industry. They have the lowest ash content, and the lowest maintenance. Therefore are the highest priced pellets on sale. As many areas do not have a timber processing industry, most premium wood pellets on sale will be imported.

What About The Green Credentials?

As most areas do not have a sufficient timber processing industry to provide sufficient softwood or hardwood sawdust many pellets are imported from Asia and South America. The issue with increased pellet transportation is it reduces the green credentials of the pellets. Increased transportation means increased carbon dioxide emissions leading to climate change. By purchasing pellet stoves and boilers that are more fuel flexible, and can efficiently use lower grade wood pellets and other biomass pellets the green credentials of the pellets can be maintained.

The Wood Pellet Production Guide

Producing wood pellets on a small or large scale is growing every year. The core need to replace existing oil and gas heating systems due to price and climate change issues is driving the wood pellets market. Therefore more and more people are producing wood pellets for sale. We provide education on the process of how pellets are made and we also provide a range of high quality, highly automated equipment for the production of pellets. Our range starts with the Mini Pellet Mill and grows up the larger scale pellet plants. Whatever your questions or concerns on making pellets we can provide you with advice and support. Please click below to download our free guides.

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